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The Marketing Consulting Unit (MCU) of Bartell Businesses, Inc. (BBI) provides a variety of marketing consulting services from initiation through in-market launch:

 > new product creation and development
 > new market identification 
 > re-staging of existing historical products/services

MCU-BBI is marketing-driven at its core. That means, everything we do is intended to have an impact: 

> on your consumers 
> on our client's market and product category
> on businesses - both competitive and complementary 
> on the overall marketplace - domestically and globally

Our perspective is always broad in scope, unencumbered by pre-conceived notions. On the contrary, we always look for, and find, the powerful product elements and market positionings that differentiate your  product or service from your competitors.

Our methodologies and processes are customized for each client assignment and are designed to provide the maximum amount of valuable and actionable information by:

 > analyzing historical consumer and market data
 > conducting research into consumer behaviors,wants and needs
 > facilitating one-on-one(or one-on-many) interviews in order to:
   - garner individual and collective historical experiences
   - eliciting opinions, thought-processes
and decisions       
   - generating new ideas, insights, innovations (also via ideation)

The outputs cover the spectrum from business, marketing and sales strategy plans to actual in-market presentations, product positioning, ad concepts and sales efforts.  

 All stages are designed to enroll, engage 

 and energize stakeholders in the process and results.



 Companies, products & markets impacted:                

•LIFE Magazine (advertising to trade and consumer)

•Ore-Ida Foods (new potato french fry product)

•Hills Bros.Coffee (consumer advertising)                   

•Clairol, Inc. (hair color, hair care, new products & new markets

•Sterling Drug (analgesics & cough medicine)     

•Cheseborough-Ponds,Inc.(skin care, QTips, bath beads, new products) 

•Jockey International (Sportswear & Underwear, new products)

•MATCHBOX Toys (established brands, new products & new markets) 

•Prince Tennis Racket (New Product Introduction)

•NY Giants Football VISA (Developed & Launched Credit Card)

•MasterCard International (Created & Launched Co-Branding Category) 

•Royal Bank of Canada (developed & launched Affinty Card Initiative)

Security First Network Bank (Repositioned Website)  

Paymentflex Technologies, LLC   (Licensed technology to card issuers



If what you’ve done before

        hasn’t yielded high-impact, market-rattling results,

call us. 
      We love what we do and want to do it for you! 


 Assignment: Paymentflex Technologies, LLC

Marketing Head 

Patented Credit Card Enhancement 

Bartell Businesses, Inc. / 3 Washington Square Suite 6E / Larchmont, New York, USA 10538 /                914-833-8683  Cell & Txt: 914-830-2852



Stephen J Bartell -- President 


Bartell Businesses, Inc. / 3 Washington Square Suite 6E / Larchmont, New York, USA 10538 / 914-833-8683  Toll Free:888-772-8683

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