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Summary of Qualifications

A seasoned strategic marketing executive with experience across a wide variety of product and industry categories brings enthusiasm and energy to new product/new initiative/re-purpose development & launch, including creation of aggressive, tactical media & marketing plans.         

Knowledge is transferred to staff who become empowered to execute flawlessly.

Strategy & Product Development

§  For Clairol, recommended that a serious commitment be made to the skin care market with emphasis on UV screen, which was leading edge at the time. [Never done.]

§  Also with Clairol, conducted extensive new product development work on new “special effects” hair coloring products with an unusual degree of involvement for an agency A/E. [Executed later.]

§  For Clairol's skin care market investigation, devised and conducted brainstorming sessions, resulting in new initiatives, including innovative formulations, usage regimens & packaging.

§  Introduced Final Net Hair Fixative with a commodity positioning, a totally new & unusual positioning for Clairol. Results: became the market leader in less than 5 years.

§  Recommended line extensions to Final Net the day after it was launched, to increase SKUs stocked and shelf facings. [Approved and implemented much later, with great success.]

§  With a limited budget, redirected the target audience for True-to-Light Mirrors toward the gift-giver (men), running ads in Playboy for the first time in Clairol’s history.

§  For Cheseborough-Ponds, recommended that the Q-tips cotton swabs brand be line-extended as a complete line of baby care products, replacing their unsuccessful Vaseline Intensive Care Baby Products line. [Not accepted but acknowledged as “out of the box” thinking. Been done since.]

§  Also for Cheseborough, recommended they create a “store brand” to compete with J&J and others, using excess capacity of the fasbind machines. Also, sold a breakthrough commercial for Pond’s cold cream showing a witch in make-up, removing it to reveal beautiful skin.

§  Developed and executed affinity Visa credit cards for USAmateur Sports and the New York Giants NFL Team, firsts in sports marketing.

§  Conducted development for innovative credit card for Chevrolet Division of General Motors, which later became the GM MasterCard.

§  At MasterCard, conceived and executed a breakthrough strategic initiative (co-branded credit cards) with multi-pronged, integrated sales and marketing effort. The result was a dramatic increase in cards and volume, stopping and reversing a 17-year share loss trend versus Visa.

Leadership & Management

§  Managed introduction of the Prince Tennis Racket with an integrated program beyond consumer advertising including trade & consumer press, Public Relations press briefings with product demonstrations & interviews with Howard Head (the inventor). Product was initially ridiculed, called a gimmick, not legal, etc. However, The Prince racket was dramatically monumental, starting a trend for larger-headed rackets. Leadership demonstrated was being a consistent product advocate across all venues with a high-quality image. [Fortunately, later keepers of the brand maintained its quality image.]

§  Upon my return to DDB and the Clairol account, resumed my very active new product development role, managing 12 different new products under development (in three different product categories) and four established brands with only a three FTEs.

§  Relocated to San Diego, California to manage direct mail company with 38 employees. Tripled the printing operation, among other sales and marketing improvements. Assisted in sale of the compnay to primary competitor.  Hired as administrator to smooth transition, combining the two. 

§  At MasterCard, the real strategic innovation here was recognizing that the banks (the traditionally acknowledged clients of MasterCard) were only the distribution channel to the real end-user (i.e., potential cardholders) who are the customers of the co-branders’ products or services. I targeted co-branders instead. Championing the co-branding initiative, in the face of constant pressure to back off, required holding an undiminished conviction to the vision at every point during the initiative.

§  Colleagues and staff remark at my energy, and my ability to inspire others (be they direct staff, matrixed structures across other areas/disciplines and/or clients/customers).


Corporate Identity/Brand Management

§  Developed and executed a comprehensive corporate identity program for Ogden-Allied, impacting all its diverse divisions.

§  Initiated management and implementation of all aspects of new corporate identity for MasterCard, worldwide, significantly upgrading the brand's image.



§  For MATCHBOX toys, recommended and executed focus group research with kids and their parents (a first in the industry) with prototypes of new toys, surfacing play-value issues, initial reactions to pricing, parents’ purchase intent and attitudes toward the new products, significantly reducing failure rates and allocation of scarce resources.

§  Negotiated exclusive MasterCard corporate sponsorship agreements with Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL), preempting Visa.

§  Royal Bank of Canada: Conducted a management review for Royal Bank's US on-line Internet bank, Security First Network Bank. After reviewing its loyalty program and doing a full-spectrum competitive analysis, the recommendations presented transcended the limited scope and perspective of the original assignment, resulting in SFNB taking a new look at their strategic direction.   



§  For Jockey Fashion underwear, instrumental in introducing the product using live, male models instead of mannequins. Also recommended & executed introduction of Jockey Sportswear with advertising that showed the product in use and not perfectly pressed, presented realistically, as it would look on anyone playing tennis or golf, creating a distinctive, functional image for Jockey.

§  For Breacol Cough Medicine, developed unique "morning after" results positioning.


Corporate Special Events

§  Created and Produced Corporate Special Events, A/V multi-media presentations, displays, showrooms for Viacom International, IBM, Telstar Corp., Milliken Fabrics, Schaper Toys


Knowledge Transfer

§  For MasterCard, conceived, created, authored & presented 2-day course for banks and co-branders, entitled: “Market Segmentation for Card Growth in the 1990’s.”  750 attendees in 2 years, worldwide.

§  Provided strategic planning, targeting of prospects, training of management and staff and on-going education and insights for the creation and marketing of affinity card programs in Canada for Royal Bank of Canada (a new product/service area). Year One results were substantial, firmly establishing Royal Bank as a significant factor in this rapidly expanding, highly competitive sub-market within Canada. In fact, Affinity Card Marketing was featured as one of only five “key accomplishments” of the Bank in the 1998 Annual Report.

§  Sought-after spokesperson, confident and compelling presenter, trainer and seminar leader. 


Employment History

Bartell Businesses, Inc. New York 

President                          8/2008 to present


Founder and President       5/96 to 2008


SVP Sales Promotion         4/95 to 5/96


Vice President - Group Business Manager   1/88 to 4/95


Vice President, Marketing & Sales Promotion 8/85 to 1/88


Founder and President        8/80 to 8/85                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Owner & VP         


Vice President, Marketing/Administration 8/78 to 8/80


New York                       6/69 to 8/78


VP-Account Supervisor


Account Supervisor

WILLIAM ESTY CO., INC.,                                         

Account Executive

DOYLE DANE BERNBACH, INC.                                 

Account Executive


§  Lehigh University, BS-Business Administration/Marketing, 1969

§  American Bankers Association Bankcard School, 1989


§  Rotary Club of Larchmont – Secretary 2011-2012; President 2012-2014

§  Larchmont•Mamaroneck Hunger Task Force – Steering Committee & Active Volunteer

§  Westchester Chordsmen Chorus – VP- PR & Marketing: generated press coverage, published 4 magazines, won award as producer of hour-long a cappella festival TV program.

•  Better Business Bureau: Accredited Business 


§  Received President’s Award from MasterCard International two consecutive years.

§  Selected as one of “The 100 Superstars of U.S. Marketing” by Advertising Age - July 1994     

§  Received a Mercury Award: “Outstanding Achievement in Professional Communications” for sales and informational materials developed to promote MasterCard Affinity & Co-Branded Card Marketing Programs.


Other accomplishments -- Speeches Given / Presentations Made/ Conferences Chaired

Sought-after spokesperson, confident and compelling presenter, trainer and motivating seminar leader.

Building Credit Card Portfolios                             Washington, DC

CSI Credit Card Convention                                 Dallas, TX

National Retail Merchants Associations                 Orlando, FL

Japanese Card Issuers                                        Tokyo, Japan

Eurocard International General Managers             Brussels, Belgium

Middle East/Africa Card Issuers Regional Meeting  Nice, France

Latin/South American Card Issuers Regional Meeting  Miami, FL

Asia Pacific Card Issuers Regional Meeting             Bali, Indonesia & Bangkok, Thailand 

United Kingdom Card Issuers Forum                     London, England

Faulkner & Gray Co-Branding Conference              Phoenix, AZ

Executive Enterprises Co-Branding (Co-Chair)       New York City

AIC Co-Branding Conference                                New York City

Executive Enterprises Co-Branding (Co-Chair)        San Francisco, CA

Strategic Research Institute                                  New York City

Executive Enterprises Co-Branding (Chair)             New York City


MasterCard University Seminar

Conceived, created, authored and presented 2-day instructional course for banks and co-branders,

entitled: “Market Segmentation for Card Growth in the 1990’s” More than 750 attendees in 2 years.


            New York         Atlanta, GA           Sydney, Australia

            Chicago           Dallas, TX             Bangkok, Thailand

            Denver            Washington, DC     Seoul, Korea



In addition to being the company spokesperson, sought out by the press as an industry expert for

points-of-view on overall industry activities and trends.

American Banker  Cards International  Reuters Information Service                      

Advertising Age    Credit Card Management      Stores Magazine

Adweek’s Marketing Week Credit Card News     USA Today

 Associated Press      DM News                         UPI     

 Bankers Monthly      Fund-Raising Institute Bulletin  

 Bank Letter             Japan Card News Magazine  

 Brandweek              New York Times             Wall Street Journal

 Widely Syndicated Articles

Contact Information:

(H/O) 914-833-8683          Cell & Text: 914-830-2852            Email:

3 Washington Square Apt. 6E Larchmont, New York 10538

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